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Shot Online - New versions

Hamburg, July 30th 2008 - Leading European MMOG publisher gamigo AG is proud to announce the forthcoming launch of the Spanish and French versions of the internationally successful MMO sports title "Shot Online". Both new versions will be available for beta testers in mid August, and will be released commercially later this year. The respective websites can already be reached at www.shot-online.eu

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Shot Online is a comprehensive and realistic golfing experience, offering players over 250 different holes to play. Players can gain experience points for every well-played course, in order to level up and become the ultimate golfing professional. Beyond that, they have the chance to buy hundreds of optional items to improve their abilities even further. Although there is the possibility to buy certain items for real money, Shot Online remains completely free because every object can also be bought with the in-game currency,either from an NPC or in the auction house. While up to four players can compete in a direct match at any time, there will be special events and tournaments for everyone on a regular basis, with great prizes to be won. Of course there are lots of useful community features, which give players the chance to chat with their friends, meet new people and form guilds to play as a team.

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After a very successful year for the German version of the game, now with over 150,000 registered players, gamigo is finishing up the French and Spanish versions of the worldwide popular sports MMOG, like 2.4.2 wow servers. These versions will not only be available to players in France and Spain, but every player from around the globe speaking one of these languages can become part of the growing international community. In mid August, players will have the chance to check out the new versions of the game for the first time, in an extensive beta testing period. The final version will commence shortly afterwards. Right now, players can already check out the official website in both new languages and meet up with other golfers in the forums. "We are excited to launch Shot Online in two new languages, so we can give hundreds of thousands of players worldwide the chance to experience this great game", says Sven Ossenbrüggen, CEO gamigo AG. "With the new versions of Shot Online and other great, free games coming up in additional languages, we are showing our commitment to expanding our influence in the European gaming business." Shot Online will be released as a beta version in mid August, with a completely free final version following shortly afterwards later. Players can go to the official website www.shot-online.eu right now, and already register to be one of the first players to check out the new versions.

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