2008. május 31., szombat

The Dynamic Dimension of Real-Money Trading

Making a living from online gaming is the fantasy of thousands of gamers across the wold, but in this internet age it is fantasy no longer. Monetizing and profiting from massively multiplayer online roleplaying games has become a profitable industry that has provided great wealth for individuals from all walks of life. Whilst some disregard it as a fad amongst the technorati, others recognize the potential of this very viable business model. The "virtual warehouse" of workers is immense, with the working population of thousands in the People's Republic of China working alongside the millions of avid MMORPG gamers.
Negligible press attention is given to this explosive industry and the coverage it does get is usually negative. Despite this the industry is well known in the communities of World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XI, EverQuest and EVE, to name a few. This can be shown in FFXI where participants battle through numerous dungeons, quests and scenarios in order to stockpile the game's currency. Many gamers decide to spend their hard-earned currency on themselves, but many decide to sell their precious Gil for real money - others even dedicate themselves (and others) professionally to this task, all in the search of profit.
MMORPG creators rarely agree with or tolerate the practice of in-game trading. Major developers and distributers often cite intellectual property violations as their reason for objection, claiming that participants are selling part of the game which actually belongs to the game's creator. Hyper-inflation of the game's economy is another issue put forward, but the evidence of this inflation is questionable. Whilst some action has been taken by game developers, it has never been directly targeted at the transaction of company to customer.
On the other hand, some MMORPG companies are now merging the practice of real-money trading into their business models and examples can now be seen in many minor games. The bottom line for many is that there is money to be made, and the industry is continuing to grow. Future games such as Warhammer Online and Stargate Worlds will no doubt act as the future venues for this ever expanding industry.
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