2008. május 6., kedd

Warhammer Online's High Elf Swordmaster Class

Hey everyone, remember Warhammer Online? That one MMO that's supposed to come out later this year? Okay, step away from the Conan beta and listen up, because we have some news on the Warhammer front concerning the Swordmaster.

According to a recent MMORPG.com interview with EA Mythic's Adam Gershowitz, the Swordmaster of Hoeth is the High Elf's entry into the tanking profession. It uses a flurry of swordplay to deflect the blows of its enemies as opposed to simply using heavy armor, like most tanks. As with the other classes in WAR, the Swordmaster has three mastery paths that are variations of differing playstyles:

* Path of Vaul - Includes combos that draw aggro while still increasing your defense. This path caters to situations with multiple foes.
* Path of Khaine - This path is for your area attack combos, introducing more of an offensive twist for the more aggressive tanks.
* Path of Hoeth - This is the tank path that utilizes magical abilities to aid in both defense and offense.

Source : massively.com

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