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In a not entirely surprising move, Swedish online game developer Lockpick Entertainment today announced that their anticipated Free-2-Play MMORTS game Dreamlords The Reawakening will launch on Wednesday June 18 (this year that is).
A long, hot and intense summer lies ahead…

The waiting is coming to an end and after the physical move of the servers earlier this week the team is ready to release their love child together with the community.

"We're really happy to release The Reawakening now and I know that it is highly anticipated from the Dreamlords community. Drawing on experience from the development of our previous game Dreamlords but also through feedback and suggestions from our much devoted community, I'm convinced we've created the game we initially set out to produce last fall", said David Rosén CEO and Executive Producer. "The Reawakening is in every perspective a game by gamers – for gamers and now I can only hope the players will have as much fun playing it as we've had developing it."

Marcus Legler
June 11 2008
One final restart before Launch
Thursday June 12th a day you do not want to miss!
On Thursday June 12th we will make a final era restart before launch, and this will include numerous updates and fixes, in fact all fixes we intend to do before launch. The reset will be total. Which means all your beta testing traitpoints, tribute and accumulated levels etc will be reset.
So what do you get for your testing?
All of you, our beloved testers will from that day enjoy one month full premium access and a fixed number of tribute which you will be able to spend as if we had launched as we intend to give you a head start in the first era. This is to ensure that you are rewarded properly for your testing and feedback and to make sure that we have a solid base of convergences allready up and running to welcome new players into when the game is officially launched.

Our support is back online
During the testing we have had our support more or less closed due to us focusing on getting the game ready for launch. On thursday we will open it once again and be ready to help you with any issues you might have. Please visit http://support.dreamlords.com to check the knowledgebase or to send us a ticket.

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